Tips for the Perfect G&T

Tips for the Perfect G&T

An uncomplicated, refreshing and delicious drink, a G&T is the most classic of gin cocktails.

Its simple nature can however lead to underestimating the difference between an incredible G&T experience and a disappointedly mediocre one.

First consideration is to know your ratios between the gin, tonic, ice and garnish. For our gins, we like a 1:3 ratio – that’s 30ml of gin to 90ml of tonic. Something so simple can make a big difference!

To your glass, add the gin followed by the tonic and then fill with ice. Adding the ice after makes sure that you don’t use too much (or not enough) tonic. Adding the ice at this stage also helps mix the gin and tonic together. We recommend adding your garnish last to ensure you get the full sensory experience – breathe in the beautiful aromas as well as tasting the difference it makes. Make sure you check out our blog post on finding the right garnish!

Lastly but most importantly – not all tonic waters are created equal. The right tonic will make or break your drink. Here at Brogan’s Way we are proud to be a part of the Australian drinks industry and have worked hard to pair each of our gins with its perfect Australian-made counterpart.

We proudly and happily use and recommend tonic waters from Capi and StrangeLove, which both use fresh and natural botanicals and are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Follow these easy tips this summer and have an incredible G&T experience, every time!