Strawberries & Cream Gin

Strawberries & Cream Gin


500ML | 38% ABV | 15 STD DRIN

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500ML | 38%ABV | 15 STD DRINKS

This first release of the product is exactly what Brogan was striving for. Full of strawberry fruit flavour balanced against the zesty, spicy, floral notes of juniper and the textural qualities of delicious cream to produce a delightful product that is incredibly true to the quality ingredients.

Tasting Notes

Fresh, bright and full of sweet strawberry flavour. Delicate zesty juniper notes are perfectly complemented by the strawberry sweetness and the deliciously rich texture of distilled cream. True to its name this gin is certain to impress.


Makes a perfect pink G&T when paired with your favourite tonic water and garnished with slices of fresh strawberry. Brogan suggests 30mls of her Strawberries and Cream Gin, 90mls of Capi Dry Tonic with plenty of ice in a tall glass, garnished with both a small wedge of lime and some sliced fresh strawberries.

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