Passion Fruit Gin Liqueur


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500ML | 26.3% ABV

Brogan’s Way has teamed up again with our friends at Marionette to create this delectable liqueur. A gin distilled with the husks of passionfruit, combined with a single batch of a cream distillate and then carefully blended with the fruity flesh from inside each fruit, making sure nothing is wasted, Brogan and team have created this Seasonal Sensation just in time for summer.

Despite the cream used in the distilling process, the Passionfruit Gin Liqueur is both lactose free and gluten free.


“A rich, creamy liqueur with tropical fruit flavours bursting through, very reminiscent of homemade pavlova. A bright passionfruit aroma makes this liqueur a seductive drink and a delightful mix for gin cocktails.

The silky creaminess is balanced by a little grip and texture created by the husks of
the passionfruit, to make this a gin liqueur to savour.”

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