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At Brogan’s Way we believe there is a gin for everyone. Our premium gift pack range include a variety of gin styles from the classic London Dry, to New Age Australian, Contemporary and even the option of Navy Strength. Each pack offers a taste experience from different segments of the gin flavour wheel from citrus, to fruit, floral, spice and savoury, with no two the same these packs are sure to delight. The perfect gift for a gin obsessed friend, your staff or valued clients.

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There are multiple size and value options to meet every budget, select from our wide range and make it a unique gift this year.     

4 x 50mL Gin Taster Gift Pack
3 x 200mL Gin Discovery Gift Pack
4 x 200mL Gin Discovery Gift Pack
2 x 700mL Gin Lover Gift Packs

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Please be aware that may postal and delivery services are still experiencing shipping delays, so allowing for a little extra time when ordering is greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, customers local to the distillery also have the option for collection directly from our site in Richmond, Melbourne.

Gift Pack Landing Page ONLY