Eat & Drink Your Way Through Social Distancing & Self Isolation

Eat & Drink Your Way Through Social Distancing & Self Isolation

If you’re like most Melbournians, you love good coffee and the incredible food culture this great city has to offer! It’s been devastating to watch the impact that COVID-19 has had on our hospitality industry.

At Brogan’s Way we’re changing the way we operate by offering free shipping for all online orders (use code: FREESHIPPING) and keeping our bottle shop open to fulfil all your gin needs!

There are many other local and small businesses changing the way they operate and offering new products and services to keep you (and us!) rolling through this strange time.

So we’ve compiled a list of our friendly neighbours who are still open –


Are you like us and need a morning coffee before starting your day? These guys will help you out by serving takeaway lattes & more –


Craving smashed avocado or a delicious BLT? A closed door policy won’t stop these cafes and restaurants from offering pick up and delivery of some of their menu options.


Some restaurants are getting really creative with how they bring their meals to your home! From cook-it-at-home kits to online delivery, here’s our picks.


Have a sweet tooth you need to satisfy? There’s plenty of options to choose from.


Lastly, we’d like to thank the supermarket and grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, medical professionals, teachers and other professionals who are still heading out every day to serve the community.

Stay safe everyone!


Image via @richmond_3121 Instagram
Image via @richmond_3121 Instagram