Gin Experiences

The team at Brogan’s Way has been working behind the scenes to add new gin experiences to the already popular distillery tours and gin master classes. There is now a full suite of offerings for you to book either online or over the the phone.

Enjoy one of the new cocktail making classes with your friends or book into one of our special gin distilling classes with Brogan.

In addition to these regularly scheduled events there is also the possibility to arrange private bookings or add these activities to a function booking. To find out more see the Tours, Classes and Functions section of the site or give us a call at the distillery on 03 94288173.

Announcing the arrival of our new gin - Hearts Afire

Just in time for winter we are proud to announce the arrival of our Hearts Afire Contemporary Australian Gin, a balanced savoury gin with a long warm and gentle spicy finish.

Brogan finds inspiration everywhere and this gin is no different. Looking to the perennial cold weather favourite mulled wine, Brogan wondered what a gin equivalent would be.

She contemplated what people expect to taste and the sort of sensations that we crave from this classic winter warmer. She looked into the flavour compounds and carefully selected different botanicals to match her gin base that would best bring out those familiar characters. Starting with small batches and tweaking as she goes, this labour of love is now ready for you all and its warmth is yours to enjoy.

Sweet orange peel, native strawberry gum and macerated lillypilli offers a gentle yet full-bodied sweet backbone which is warmed by the fragrant spicy notes of aniseed myrtle, cloves, nutmeg and cassia. Hot green cardamom and black peppercorn notes are carried through in the long nutty and coffee-like finish provided by the soft oils of native roasted wattleseed.

It officially launches this Saturday on World Gin Day and you can pre order now.

Encouraged and Excited for the Future

It’s been a big year, since our first distillery batch last May and opening our bar in September.

We might be rather new but at the moment we are also really quite chuffed. You see, we entered Brogan’s gins in some competitions to see how we stack up against other more established gins that we respect.

We are delighted to learn that each of our gins won a medal in every competition, including a gold medal for our Royal Blood Navy Strength at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

The recognition is lovely but it’s the understanding that we are on the right track that has us grinning. We are feeling so inspired by Brogan’s vision for Australian gins and her intrinsic understanding of flavours. We are so proud of our young female distiller as she continues to hone her craft as a Master Distiller. We are so excited for what more is to come!

Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2019
Royal Blood Gin - Gold
Everyday Salvation Gin - Bronze
Evening Light Gin - Bronze

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019
Royal Blood Gin - Silver
Everyday Salvation Gin - Silver
Evening Light Gin - Bronze

Australian Gin Awards 2019
Royal Blood Gin - Silver
Everyday Salvation Gin - Bronze
Evening Light Gin - Bronze


One of our favourite things about what we do is that we get to do it with some pretty awesome people.

Far from being competitive against each other, our industry is full of good people wanting to do good (and delicious) things.

So when an opportunity came up to work with our good friends at fellow Melbourne distillers Marionette on something we wanted raise some awareness about, we jumped at the chance.

We’ll be releasing more info in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here is a clue to our next limited


Order a G&T and most of the time, you’ll get house tonic and a slice of lemon. Let us share with you how to break the routine to really take your G&T to the next level!

When it comes to garnishes, there are two ways we consider them – do they provide complimentary or contrasting flavour?

Complimentary flavours highlight those already found in the gin. A wedge of orange is a great garnish in a G&T made with our Evening Light as it emphasises the same characters found naturally in the gin.

Contrasting flavours are the fun ones and aren’t always obvious, but such a reward to discover. Our Royal Blood gin has wonderful savoury notes which are deliciously heightened by the sweet, delicate flavours of a slice of green apple.

Another fascinating match is a G&T with our Everyday Salvation gin paired with a spring of fresh rosemary. The peppery, piney flavour of rosemary is a beautiful contrast to the lemon characters provided by the gin.

Add the garnish last! This ensures your garnish doesn’t get hidden under a layer of ice cubes. When it is at the top of the glass it also ensures you get the full garnish experience and can breathe in the aromas before you take a sip.

Of course, gin and garnishes are just two considerations in a G&T. The other important ingredient is tonic, which can be the difference between an incredible G&T, or a disappointing one. Follow our blog for our advice on finding the right tonic!


An uncomplicated, refreshing and delicious drink, a G&T is the most classic of gin cocktails.

Its simple nature can however lead to underestimating the difference between an incredible G&T experience and a disappointedly mediocre one.

First consideration is to know your ratios between the gin, tonic, ice and garnish. For our gins, we like a 1:3 ratio – that’s 30ml of gin to 90ml of tonic. Something so simple can make a big difference!

To your glass, add the gin followed by the tonic and then fill with ice. Adding the ice after makes sure that you don’t use too much (or not enough) tonic. Adding the ice at this stage also helps mix the gin and tonic together. We recommend adding your garnish last to ensure you get the full sensory experience – breathe in the beautiful aromas as well as tasting the difference it makes. Make sure you check out our blog post on finding the right garnish!

Lastly but most importantly – not all tonic waters are created equal. The right tonic will make or break your drink. Here at Brogan’s Way we are proud to be a part of the Australian drinks industry and have worked hard to pair each of our gins with its perfect Australian-made counterpart.

We proudly and happily use and recommend tonic waters from Capi and StrangeLove, which both use fresh and natural botanicals and are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Follow these easy tips this summer and have an incredible G&T experience, every time!


We all have something (or many things!) that we are passionate about. Sometimes these passions are satisfied easily, others take you on the most unexpected journey and can change your life completely.

At Brogan’s Way, we certainly fall into the second category. Brogan’s Way is led by Brogan Carr and her father Simon. One, a medical laboratory scientist, the other had decades working sales and marketing with various global automotive manufacturers. Together, they always had an insatiable curiosity for gin, learning about gin, trying different gins and travelling the world to keep discovering about their favourite spirit.

But sometimes you just have to chase a dream.

We know we aren’t alone – our journey wasn’t possible without people who had followed similar paths generously sharing their time, learnings and knowledge. We also are not underestimating the journey still to come – running a small business is a continuous learning curve, let alone the ongoing gin and distilling curiosity we have!

The story of how Brogan’s Way Distillery came to be was recently covered by Channel 9’s Your Money, along with those from a financial planner and a tent manufacturer – it’s funny who’s paths you cross!

Read more about it here. (hyperlink:

International Women’s Day: Women in Gin

Friday 8th March is International Women‘s Day and to celebrate the contribution of female gin distillers in Australia, Caroline Childerley ~The Gin Queen will be hosting a Women in Gin event at Brogan’s Way Distillery in Richmond. It is another sell out event from one of the greatest supporters of Australian distillers, the proceeds from which will go to Fitted for Work, a charity helping disadvantaged women back into employment.

The three inspiring women who will be on Caroline’s Q&A panel are:

Dr Dervilla McGowan ~ Anther Spirits

Derv left bartending to become a Scientist and like the rest of her scientific breed she enjoys mucking about with things to see how they work. This means making an amazing gin by exploring the science of flavour and running Anther Gin in a way that helps to support the craft distilling community. Derv holds a PhD in Microbiology, loves working on gin recipes and distilling, and in her spare time enjoys learning about the exquisite complexity of soil biology and recycling.

Holly Klintworth ~ Bass & Flinders Distillery

Holly is the Managing Director and Head Distiller at Bass and Flinders Distillery, overseeing all areas of the business, from sales and marketing through to distillation and product creation.
Over the past 2 years Holly has helped transform the business from a small batch and passion driven focus, to a national brand and with sustainable growth in distillery production, cellar door and Gin Masterclasses. During this time Bass and Flinders has maintained an artisanal focus and premium product offering. It has also managed the relocation to new and larger facilities at Dromana.

Brogan Carr ~ Brogan’s Way Distillery

Brogan is qualified as a medical laboratory scientist. She loves the precision of science and investigative nature of the work but working in labs wasn’t enough. So she retrained as a distiller, recently finishing a Master of Science Brewing & Distilling at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Distilling allows her to bring all her different ideas to life and create gins across the full sensory experience.

About Fitted for Work

Fitted for Work is a not-for-profit dedicated to helping women experiencing disadvantage to regain their confidence and secure and maintain employment. We support women from varied backgrounds. For example, they may be older women; survivors of domestic violence; single mothers; experiencing homelessness; recently released from prison; transgender or gender diverse; a newly arrived migrant or refugee woman; or have a disability.

We develop each woman’s confidence and self-esteem as well as her skills and knowledge to obtain work through a suite of tailored pre-and post-employment services, including personal outfitting, resume assistance, interview preparation, mock interview practice and mentor placements.

Since 2005 we have helped over 30,000 women. 64% of the women sampled who access our suite of services find work within just 4 months and 100% report increased confidence and job readiness after completing our WomanKind program.

We focus specifically on helping women gain employment not only because work provides financial security but also a sense of social connectedness, dignity and pride. We believe that when a woman is fitted for work, she is fitted for life.

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