Brogan's Way Espresso Martini

Brogan's Way Espresso Martini

Probably the most popular cocktail on the planet. You can’t go wrong with this recipe it is a winner. Our Vodka is the perfect match for espresso coffee.

This is a Vegan friendly version.

Here is the stuff you need to make this one-

  • A Martini Glass
  • 45mL Brogan’s Way Batch Zero Vodka
  • 20mL Espresso
  • 15mL Vanilla Syrup
  • 2 Drops Wonderfoam

Our sure fire method –

  1. Pour all of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker along with a scoop of ice.
  2. Add ONLY 2 drops of Wonderfoam. You can get it from our friends at Only Bitters.
  3. Shake until icy cold.
  4. Strain into your Martini.

Try one and you will want another. Velvety smooth.