Brogan’s Way

When I make gin, here’s what I’m trying to do: I’m trying to connect – me to you, you to your friends, everyone to in spirited sensation. Making great memories together is at the heart of it all.

But how does it help me make gin? I say, how could it not?

I want to make sure there’s a gin for everyone. I prefer those gins where the juniper leads from the front. But I also like to make space for others flavour profiles, with versions that I hope everyone can enjoy.

And gin lets you try new things almost endlessly.

Take our Everyday Salvation gin, for instance. It’s based on the classic juniper and citrus combo that many people know as gin; but I have given it an Australian twist.

Stand it next to our Evening Light gin and take a sip: the difference delights, filling your mouth with fruity floral notes that I think you’ll find a pleasant surprise.

A new gin always starts with a ghost of something on my tongue and scribbles in my notebook.

I make small batches as I work to pull the recipe together. I get some incredible people together - and this is the good part - we taste test and I tweak things based on what I hear back from them.

At a certain point the art comes in and I go by with my gut, and when it feels right and it is ready to share, that’s when I know I’ve got a spirited sensation.


I make gin. More accurately I’m a distiller but it is gin that has shaped my way.

I didn‘t know this is where I’d end up. I’m qualified as a medical laboratory scientist. I love the precision of science and investigative nature of the work but working in labs wasn’t enough. I retrained as a distiller, recently finishing a Master of Science Brewing & Distilling at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Distilling has brought a new perspective to what I love about science. It brings a refined twist to the old ways, and is a lot more delicious. Distilling allows me to bring all my different ideas to life and create gins across the full sensory experience.

I’m proud to be a part of the Australian distilling community. I’m so appreciative of the support I’ve had from fellow distillers and industry people who have encouraged my journey. It’s great that we can be a part of this new world of gin, one where Australia is starting to tread its own path.

You’ll find a lot of unique Australian botanicals in my gins – there are so many interesting possibilities when you bring these native flavours together. I want to challenge the ingrained concept of what gin is and show how diverse it can be.

My gins certainly celebrate different flavours but, more importantly to me, there is a gin for every moment. Every day is full of meaningful moments which is what I try to bring to my way of making gin.


From idea to reality was almost three years. Frustratingly long, but blindingly quick. How did it come about? I remember, it was cold July evening after a family dinner when the conversation drifted from the usual daily stuff and soon we were talking about the best jobs one could do. This was the moment the decision was taken to start a gin distillery. From that moment it was no longer the dream but a mission.

The journey that followed has been one of discovery, new friendships, trial and error, tests of patience and a few unexpected twists and turns that have keep me on my toes. The goal has never been in doubt, there has been a tremendous amount of help, guidance and support along the way, for which I am forever grateful.

I have met some amazing people who share my passion for using Australian botanicals, each of them willing to pass on their knowledge as I trialled recipe, after recipe, after recipe. My loyal team of tasters, with their exceptional noses and highly tuned pallets generously giving their time and expert feedback as I adjusted the recipes to craft the flavour profile of each new gin.

Finding the location to house my custom still was not without challenges, I never knew just how many permits and approvals it would take, but now she is safely installed, and we are making our magic together.

Building the distillery and bar has been one of the most exciting adventures in my life, each day collaborating with really talented architects, engineers, builders and highly skilled trades to turn the dream into reality. What a buzz it has been. Together we have created a distillery in the heart of Richmond.

Find us at:

61 North St, Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: (03) 9428 8173
[email protected]

Closed 24th Dec – 7th Jan 21 inclusive

Bar Hours:

Fri               5 pm to 11 pm
Sat              1 pm to 11 pm
Sun             1 pm to 7 pm

[email protected]

Office Hours:

Mon – Fri    9am – 5pm

Liquor Licence Number: 31957072    ABN: 13 69 724 932